Last transmission: 07.07.2022 17:09 | Steve Glinka

Present 6
Total 6
Call 00:00
Begin 13:30


First round
Type Pools
Exempt 0
Number of pools 1
Seeding FIE-Rules
Moved by Nation
Hits and times 5 Hits | 3:00 min
Promoted to next round 6
Advance by Index (all equals are qualified)
This round is taken into account for direct elimination seeding.
Direct elimination
Type Direct elimination
Direct elimination mode
Hits and times 15 Hits | 3 x 3:00 min | 1:00 min


TD - Peter Huggins
Referee Delegate: Jakub Leczycky
SEMI Delegates: Kathy Walters and Dani Gyöngyi
Classifier: Lynn Strasser and Marek Podlasinski